About ‘Dewole

  • Network management and quality of service expert with Tinitop Technologies – Private consulting firm that could easily be regarded as the Mr. FixIt of Information and Communication Technology in Nigeria
  • Internet entrepreneur and principal of The SMS Kiosk and Naijanimi.com – Internet SMS platforms for easy texting with customized sender names
  • Stakeholder in the Nomad Charger range – Mobile power solutions to solve the battery-life problem we all experience with our so-called “smart” devices when we’re on the move
  • Project Manager of The Bandwidth Consortium – Non-profit organization providing lower cost Internet bandwidth to remote research and education institutions
  • Domain management and web hosting guru
  • Abuja resident and occasional real-estate connector
  • Blogger wannabe

The attempt to summarize what I do above probably does not make sense. Only one person? Only God can make it possible for one person to be so many things at the same time. Thank you, Lord.