about nomad chargers

i was surprised to find out this afternoon that a lot of my friends outside abuja do not realize nomad chargers are a tinitop product. apparently, some think i just like promoting the products.

so here it is: nomad chargers are manufactured for tinitop technologies limited. tinitop is my company; we’ve been doing more of web services and network management for a few years but are diversifying into retail. i am ceo of tinitop and hereby assure you /#outrightbrag/ that the same high quality you have come to associate with me is what you get from any nomad charger. and that’s why we’re so confident/stupid that we include a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. ask anyone that uses a nomad charger what their experience has been. https://twitter.com/dewole10 also shows results of a test i carried out on the youngest member of the nomad family few days ago.

for those of you that are not on facebook, i will send everyone in my phonebook a text message informing you  that nomad is my brand. get a nomad charger today and be sure of safe, reliable power for your portable gadgets when you’re on the move. you can order online and have it delivered to you. we’re also looking for partners that can retail so we can reach end users faster. if you’re interested in retailing, please call me on +234(0)700111222333. please follow @nomadcharger on twitter so you can be updated; every once in a while, there are promos and freebies.

have a great weekend!