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Scorecards and the Nigerian people

Why do we continually allow our “leaders” give themselves pass marks even in the face of woeful failure? Are we too busy hustling for daily bread to pay attention? We the people always end up paying one way or another.

In Nigeria, a few years ago, some people decided we had to scrap some bank notes in use in favour of polymer notes.
These would be water-resistant, more durable, etc, etc. After a few days of the pilot notes being in circulation, it was obvious to many people that the new notes were worse than what we had before. Accidentally step on one and by the time you pick it up, it has several holes. Wash it in your clothes and it comes out almost bleached. Ease of tearing was another thing. Continue reading

Our Great Nation Nigeria

Several discussions I’ve had with patriotic Nigerians have led me to
conclude that self-centredness of most people is our greatest undoing.
The average person will argue that the reason they are selfish is that
they are at risk of being poor. Most people want to build an island of
comfort not bothering how the country fares but are not aware that the rot they create will someday affect them or their children. Continue reading

Super Eagles!

Seventeen years ago, I was a great fan of the Super Eagles. A greater percentage of the players were disciplined and played their hearts out from start to finish of every game. Even when we lost matches, it was either because the opponents were better or the officiating was poor.

Over 10 years ago, I stopped following matches involving Nigeria actively because all it did was raise my hopes and set me down again. What are the problems? Coaches not knowing their players' strong and weak points… Players not being disciplined enough to hustle for the ball… Overjubilation and short attention span… Lack of focus… Lack of cohesion…

Analyze the fortunes of our teams a bit and I think you'll probably find the same problems that lead to abandoned projects, duplication of efforts and lost productivity in the nation as a whole.

What do we need to do?

Believe in ourselves.

Take our work seriously.

Have a focus (goal) and stick doggedly to it (as long as it still remains viable!)

Collaborate with people of like minds.

Constantly revise and review our progress even before we're called out for inspection.

Trust in God (as we already do now).

Dewole Ajao