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Semi-technical intro to web hosting and domain registration (Internet presence basics Part 1)

Getting your personal/corporate website on the Internet involves a number of distinct but related components. People often get them mixed up because they would usually source all components from the same person (or company).

Over the years, I’ve had to explain the components during domain or hosting transfer so I’m putting this online in case someone finds it useful.
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mikrotik server dns hijacked 20150624

Remote rogues spoiling your web experience?

To the terminally impatient who can not read long posts, scroll to the last paragraph.

In the quest for speedy web browsing and Internet bandwidth savings, many of us make use of servers/appliances that have HTTP and DNS caching functionality. Of course, the lazy (or accidental) administrator does the barest minimum to get the service working and moves on.

In the old days with lean VSAT bandwidth, many could (mis)configure their Web and DNS devices yet nothing bad would happen (mostly). Now that we have optic fibre internet connections however, it is a very different case. Continue reading

a file on changing the OS of instruction at the ngNOG workshops

the following is an email in a thread at about changing the OS of instruction at a national Unix network training workshop. as usual, people have talked and talked about making a change without preparing a roadmap. in the attached email, i make some suggestions
but i don’t think i got a response from the proponents of the change.

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