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You really should ask

To those seeking my(our) vote(s) and promising a better tomorrow:

  1. Am I (Are we) needed beyond the election day?
  2. What is the game plan for this country and how do I(we) fit in as an individual(s)?
  3. What do you need me(us) to do to help ensure you deliver on your promises?
  4. How do you intend to enable me(us) influence the policies that affect me(us) even from the lowest levels?
  5. Or would you rather I(we) just sit back and let “professional politicians” carry on in my(our) best interests?
  6. What will be done this time around that has not been done before? What are the lessons learnt?

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Happy New Year! And a new SMS Broadcast app

After several years without a mobile application, we now have a Tinitop SMS app for Android.

The beta version of this app works with accounts from New users need to first create account at

*Update January 16: The more recent version available at allows new users to signup from within the app. Continue reading

The Trickery of Nigerian Politics

Sadly, in Nigeria of 2014 there aren’t any real political “parties” or ideologies beyond personal stomachs of their leaderships… what we have at the moment are platforms for people to stand on based on convenience. The power brokers are the same old ones and a few of their proteges.

Until the masses are enlightened enough to take their future in their hands rather than work for the power brokers (whatever convenient garb they may be putting on today), nothing is going to change.

As the country is today, a smart president and his crew may outfox the entire citizenry for a long while, a docile president may be outfoxed by the powers that be, and an incorruptible president may not be able to outmaneuver the institutionalized corruption/stealing that has now been enshrined in a system called democracy which the people have no user guide for. Personally, i think the user guide has been deliberately hidden.

Anyone that really means well for Nigeria will start to enlighten the people on at least some of the following:

  • how the democratic system of government is actually supposed to work;
  • how to monitor and manage local government officials;
  • how to hold municipal agencies accountable;
  • how to participate in the making of laws at the state and federal levels;
  • who and what the houses of assembly are actually supposed to represent;
  • how to understand budgets and track implementation beyond the complex sheets of paper that are presented yearly;
  • how to provide meaningful input to governance;
  • avenues for seeking audience when the proscribed channels do not work, etc etc.

When we learn most of these, we may become powerful enough to truly support leaders with good intentions and get rid of poor leadership.

But of course, it’s not in the best interest of the usual suspects (whether or not they are in the opposition at that point in time) that the masses gain enough understanding that they will be able to oppose them when in power. Their mantra rather is to inform the masses about enough shortcomings of the other guy so they hate him enough to go vote against him. Even when the enlightenment does not directly affect their own positions, they do not want to disrupt the structures that (may) indirectly support them.

Who is going to enlighten Nigerians unselfishly and get us out of this mess? Or rather, what can be done if anything outside the regular politickry?

Until we start to participate in governance and become the watchdogs, we will keep wishing in vain.


Upgrade my foot

Funny telephone network operators make a habit of sending notification about upgrades either few minutes into outage or few hours before. Are we supposed to applaud you for a half-day downtime on a mobile data network because you decided to call it an “upgrade”?

Aren’t we paying some people salary to deal with these clowns? NCC? CPC? Anybody? And you wonder why we multi-sim, multi-phone, multi-dongle and multi-modem.

It just occurred to me that we let them get away with this simply because it appears to be a minor hassle in an environment where generating your own power, providing your own security, drilling for your own water, constructing your own sewage disposal facility, etc are regular activities.


What time zone?

We learnt in elementary geography that Ghana is along the Greenwich meridien and as such is an hour behind Nigeria which is some distance (longitude) ahead.

This week, I have the opportunity of being in Ghana and can see definitely that someone was very confused (or desperate to remain consistent in his/her fallacious claims) when they placed Ghana in a different time zone from Nigeria.

We took off from Abuja around 6pm GMT+1 and landed in Accra around 7.30 GMT+1. The degree of daylight/darkness felt just like 7.30pm in Nigeria (though the airport clocks said 6.30) and I commented about it but Sekyen said it might be a “longer night” day. Still convinced that someone made a mistake several years ago, I refused to adjust my clock.

The next morning, my regular (GMT+1) alarm went off at 6.30am and I looked out the window and I thought “There’s no way the day can be so bright at 5.30am!”

Still unconvinced that there is a difference in time zones, I’m leaving my clocks unchanged. One advantage here is I’m 1 hour late for everything and nobody notices :-)
Dewole Ajao

Rewarding poor service

An experience I had recently left me wondering how we can help build a better reward system especially as regards customer service. If someone out there has useful suggestions, please let me know.

Not too long ago, I had to cash a cheque from a client of mine across the counter and the transaction took over an hour for no tangible reason though I suspect the reason may have been that my benefactor didn't send a confirmation in good time. A few weeks later I ask the client to send in a confirmation ahead of me but it still takes an hour! According to the bank teller, it would have been faster if the exact branch I was cashing the cheque at was specified.

Did I mention that I had already visited a different branch of the same bank where I was told they had a problem with their network connection?

Here's the funny part: I'm told by everyone that the best way to avoid these delays are to have an account with the same bank as my client so the cheque just goes straight to my account and clears. These intra-bank transactions are not free; mind you!

They give me poor service and I reward them with a cut of my hard-earned money. :-( perhaps that was their idea to start with?

Dewole Ajao

speaking out for anyone who cares to listen

 four years ago, i setup a wordpress blog on one of my servers. being the chronic procrastinator that i was, i never got beyond that first post stating that i now had an online diary. hopefully, it will be different this time.

every day i see something that i’m passionate about and i hope that i can somehow pass information across to anyone who cares to listen. we live in a wonderful world but if we don’t play our part, it’s wouldn’t be as great as it could be.

be nice to people… don’t litter the streets even if there’s plenty of litter there already… pay attention to the politicians; they are responsible for more than a few of the things that happen around us… play your part