Commending the FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Services (VIO)

Not every time complain; Sometimes give thumbs up.

There’s a Driver’s Licence Office within the VIO facility at Mabushi, Abuja. In a previous post, I had complained about how “the network” prevented me from getting my licence renewed the first time.

The Vehicle Inspection Officers manning this office have however devised a way to get some work done despite the challenges. Their simple solution is to start the biometric capture process at 7.00am before the network congestion.

If you get there at 8.30am like I did on my first attempt, it is highly likely that the “network problems” would have put an end to capture activities for the day. More investigation is needed to find out if the congestion happens on their local network or from their web host.

I say Thank You to these public servants that show up at their offices and on the roads while many are asleep. Now you know!

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