Extending smartphone battery life

Every smartphone user wishes his/her phone could do more in between charges. After all, what’s the use having a super smart phone if you need to keep it plugged to the mains like a “land line”?

Here are some tips which will help in extending the battery life of any smartphone

1. Adjust Screen Brightness – Brighter light will consume more battery when compared to a lesser bright light. You can reduce your screen brightness from Options > Screen display > Backlight settings

2. Turn Off –

a). 3G – You can browse super fast with the help of 3G, but you should turn it off when it is not in use. This will surely boost your battery backup. To turn on/off 3G open Network settings and select Edge/2G only

b). Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is really a nice way to stay connected to the internet, but make sure to turn it off when you’re sleeping or when not in use. Network settings > Wifi

c). Bluetooth – Bluetooth (when switched on) consumes a lot of battery. It is not always required, so you can keep it off for most of the time to save your battery. Network settings > Bluetooth

d). Sounds and Vibrations – You can turn off the unnecessary sounds and vibrations to save your battery. For eg. you can turn off the Lock Sounds, Keyboard Clicks etc. You should also avoid using long party songs as your ringtone. Guess what’s happening to your battery level as the beat goes on

e). Notifications – If you’re using an application which keeps sending you notifications, disable or uninstall it to save battery life. This includes your social feeds and facebook notifications.

3. Close Applications – Your phone supports multitasking, so remember to close an application when it is not in use. If you don’t need the map or compass or browser windows open, exit them to save battery power

Original post: http://www.newgadget.org/mobile-phones/apple-iphone4/4-effective-tips-to-improve-the-battery-life-of-apple-iphone-4/#ixzz29rRdYAfY