Our Great Nation Nigeria

Several discussions I’ve had with patriotic Nigerians have led me to
conclude that self-centredness of most people is our greatest undoing.
The average person will argue that the reason they are selfish is that
they are at risk of being poor. Most people want to build an island of
comfort not bothering how the country fares but are not aware that the rot they create will someday affect them or their children.
The first runner-up among our undoings is the belief that all will be well even when we
refuse to take a stand against what is obviously wrong or support what
is right.

Rich or poor, outspoken or reclusive, we should all attempt to stand for
what is right every time we get the chance.
The task ahead is to encourage people to look beyond personal gain and
consider national gain rather than working against our nation. We also
need to re-orient ourselves to learn to play our own little part in our
immediate community rather than sit back and sigh while the unscrupulous
hold sway. You’ll be surprised at just how many people need the
encouragement to make that push with you.
Co-founder naijanimi.com