Our Great Nation Nigeria

Several discussions I’ve had with patriotic Nigerians have led me to
conclude that self-centredness of most people is our greatest undoing.
The average person will argue that the reason they are selfish is that
they are at risk of being poor. Most people want to build an island of
comfort not bothering how the country fares but are not aware that the rot they create will someday affect them or their children. Continue reading


someone shared this with me via a chain email a while ago:

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in
front of him..
When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty
mayonnaise jar and start to fill it with golf balls.
He then asked the students if the jar was full.
They agreed that it was. Continue reading

What time zone?

We learnt in elementary geography that Ghana is along the Greenwich meridien and as such is an hour behind Nigeria which is some distance (longitude) ahead.

This week, I have the opportunity of being in Ghana and can see definitely that someone was very confused (or desperate to remain consistent in his/her fallacious claims) when they placed Ghana in a different time zone from Nigeria.

We took off from Abuja around 6pm GMT+1 and landed in Accra around 7.30 GMT+1. The degree of daylight/darkness felt just like 7.30pm in Nigeria (though the airport clocks said 6.30) and I commented about it but Sekyen said it might be a “longer night” day. Still convinced that someone made a mistake several years ago, I refused to adjust my clock.

The next morning, my regular (GMT+1) alarm went off at 6.30am and I looked out the window and I thought “There’s no way the day can be so bright at 5.30am!”

Still unconvinced that there is a difference in time zones, I’m leaving my clocks unchanged. One advantage here is I’m 1 hour late for everything and nobody notices :-)
Dewole Ajao

Rewarding poor service

An experience I had recently left me wondering how we can help build a better reward system especially as regards customer service. If someone out there has useful suggestions, please let me know.

Not too long ago, I had to cash a cheque from a client of mine across the counter and the transaction took over an hour for no tangible reason though I suspect the reason may have been that my benefactor didn't send a confirmation in good time. A few weeks later I ask the client to send in a confirmation ahead of me but it still takes an hour! According to the bank teller, it would have been faster if the exact branch I was cashing the cheque at was specified.

Did I mention that I had already visited a different branch of the same bank where I was told they had a problem with their network connection?

Here's the funny part: I'm told by everyone that the best way to avoid these delays are to have an account with the same bank as my client so the cheque just goes straight to my account and clears. These intra-bank transactions are not free; mind you!

They give me poor service and I reward them with a cut of my hard-earned money. :-( perhaps that was their idea to start with?

Dewole Ajao

The BlackBerry browser does not suck that bad

Over the years, each time I got a new BlackBerry, I immediately
switched the browser settings to emulate Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Even though I got websites to show me full-size web pages, there were
several websites that would cause the browser to hang or crash
completely and I just assumed this was one of the failings of the BB
Some months ago, I came across the
Bolt Browser
(http://www.boltbrowser.com) which really handles full-size pages well
and even plays streaming media from sites like youtube.com. After
switching my BlackBerry browser settings back to default, I found that
it’s not such a bad browser if u leave it as default under settings. The
fact is that when you ask it to emulate IE or firefox, websites think
it’s a real browser and throw it scripts and other things it cant
handle. You also miss out on specials that are targeted at mobile users
when you pretend to be the grown computer that you aren’t.
Need to access cPanel, WHM and other complex sites on the go? Bolt
Browser has saved me on more than once occasion and could be handy for
you too even if you use a phone other than a BlackBerry.
Please note: i’m not affiliated with the makers of either the BlackBerry
or Bolt Browser. Just sharing a useful tip :-)

Dewole Ajao
Technology Consultant
Tinitop Technologies Ltd
Blog: http://dewole10.tinitop.com
Web: http://www.theSMSkiosk.com

The SMS Kiosk takes off

At The SMS Kiosk (http://www.thesmskiosk.com), you will find a very easy to use web SMS solution with lots of features like contact management, voucher generation, and receiving of replies on mobile phones. A facebook application http://apps.facebook.com/smskiosk is also available so you can keep texting from within your facebook account.

With prices starting from N1.90 and the ability to generate vouchers in any denomination by yourself, anybody can be a reseller!

In addition to all the features on the website, your users can send bulk SMS from their mobile phones and desktops too!

It’s free to get a website like The SMS Kiosk branded with your company name and logo but you need to buy N100,000 worth of SMS (@N2 per SMS)

To find out more, signup for a test account (with free credits) at http://www.thesmskiosk.com/register.php or contact moreinfo1ATtinitop.com +2347041515474

Happy selling!

--  Dewole Ajao Technology Consultant Tinitop Technologies Ltd Blog: http://dewole10.tinitop.com Web:  http://www.theSMSkiosk.com

Super Eagles!

Seventeen years ago, I was a great fan of the Super Eagles. A greater percentage of the players were disciplined and played their hearts out from start to finish of every game. Even when we lost matches, it was either because the opponents were better or the officiating was poor.

Over 10 years ago, I stopped following matches involving Nigeria actively because all it did was raise my hopes and set me down again. What are the problems? Coaches not knowing their players' strong and weak points… Players not being disciplined enough to hustle for the ball… Overjubilation and short attention span… Lack of focus… Lack of cohesion…

Analyze the fortunes of our teams a bit and I think you'll probably find the same problems that lead to abandoned projects, duplication of efforts and lost productivity in the nation as a whole.

What do we need to do?

Believe in ourselves.

Take our work seriously.

Have a focus (goal) and stick doggedly to it (as long as it still remains viable!)

Collaborate with people of like minds.

Constantly revise and review our progress even before we're called out for inspection.

Trust in God (as we already do now).

Dewole Ajao