To strike or not to strike

Below is a chain message forwarded to me by one of my Blackberry messenger contacts. While it is interesting to see people want to fight for better prices, I think the move is a bit comical since we don't all have the same renewal date. Only people whose subscriptions have expired can afford to go on such strike action on the proposed date.

As forwarded::::

??Hi all,

I wanna use this opportunity to let you guys/ ladies know we are being ripped off by nigerian service providers. BIS fees in Nigeria is ridiculously high despite the fact that it too slow and we need to STAND UP and say NO to unnecessary exploitation. From july no-one should pay for their ???? service, we should all call our service providers and tell them that we won't pay for our ???? service unless the price Is reduced to 1500 naira. Then let's see if the price will not be reviewed. Please we really require everyone's participation. Please forward this to all your contacts.. Thank you..


Dewole Ajao

a file on changing the OS of instruction at the ngNOG workshops

the following is an email in a thread at about changing the OS of instruction at a national Unix network training workshop. as usual, people have talked and talked about making a change without preparing a roadmap. in the attached email, i make some suggestions
but i don’t think i got a response from the proponents of the change.

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speaking out for anyone who cares to listen

 four years ago, i setup a wordpress blog on one of my servers. being the chronic procrastinator that i was, i never got beyond that first post stating that i now had an online diary. hopefully, it will be different this time.

every day i see something that i’m passionate about and i hope that i can somehow pass information across to anyone who cares to listen. we live in a wonderful world but if we don’t play our part, it’s wouldn’t be as great as it could be.

be nice to people… don’t litter the streets even if there’s plenty of litter there already… pay attention to the politicians; they are responsible for more than a few of the things that happen around us… play your part