Still on March 28 2015

At my polling unit in Galadimawa, Abuja (Lokogoma axis) INEC arrived some minutes past 10am but we had organized ourselves and handled crowd control together with Police and NSCDC. By 3.30pm or so, we were done with accreditation of 561 voters using 3 verification points (card-readers).

Not sure but I would say less than 40 people had to fill incidence report form because their fingerprints were not authenticated though their PVCs were validated.
I think up to 70 women did not return to vote after their accreditation. Of the men, I think all but 4 or 5 people returned to vote and at least 150 stayed for votes count till past 10pm.
Bulbs, cabling, and petrol were “arranged” by a few good citizens. I’m not sure but I think the INEC folks came with the i-pass-my-neighbour 950va generator.

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