The BlackBerry browser does not suck that bad

Over the years, each time I got a new BlackBerry, I immediately
switched the browser settings to emulate Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Even though I got websites to show me full-size web pages, there were
several websites that would cause the browser to hang or crash
completely and I just assumed this was one of the failings of the BB
Some months ago, I came across the
Bolt Browser
( which really handles full-size pages well
and even plays streaming media from sites like After
switching my BlackBerry browser settings back to default, I found that
it’s not such a bad browser if u leave it as default under settings. The
fact is that when you ask it to emulate IE or firefox, websites think
it’s a real browser and throw it scripts and other things it cant
handle. You also miss out on specials that are targeted at mobile users
when you pretend to be the grown computer that you aren’t.
Need to access cPanel, WHM and other complex sites on the go? Bolt
Browser has saved me on more than once occasion and could be handy for
you too even if you use a phone other than a BlackBerry.
Please note: i’m not affiliated with the makers of either the BlackBerry
or Bolt Browser. Just sharing a useful tip :-)

Dewole Ajao
Technology Consultant
Tinitop Technologies Ltd