Upgrade my foot

Funny telephone network operators make a habit of sending notification about upgrades either few minutes into outage or few hours before. Are we supposed to applaud you for a half-day downtime on a mobile data network because you decided to call it an “upgrade”?

Aren’t we paying some people salary to deal with these clowns? NCC? CPC? Anybody? And you wonder why we multi-sim, multi-phone, multi-dongle and multi-modem.

It just occurred to me that we let them get away with this simply because it appears to be a minor hassle in an environment where generating your own power, providing your own security, drilling for your own water, constructing your own sewage disposal facility, etc are regular activities.


One thought on “Upgrade my foot”

  1. Its called the power of adaptation .Nigerians adapt to anything and everything..including updates. Can’t say which generation will stand up and say no….but then you never no..’efit be you oo…..

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