What time zone?

We learnt in elementary geography that Ghana is along the Greenwich meridien and as such is an hour behind Nigeria which is some distance (longitude) ahead.

This week, I have the opportunity of being in Ghana and can see definitely that someone was very confused (or desperate to remain consistent in his/her fallacious claims) when they placed Ghana in a different time zone from Nigeria.

We took off from Abuja around 6pm GMT+1 and landed in Accra around 7.30 GMT+1. The degree of daylight/darkness felt just like 7.30pm in Nigeria (though the airport clocks said 6.30) and I commented about it but Sekyen said it might be a “longer night” day. Still convinced that someone made a mistake several years ago, I refused to adjust my clock.

The next morning, my regular (GMT+1) alarm went off at 6.30am and I looked out the window and I thought “There’s no way the day can be so bright at 5.30am!”

Still unconvinced that there is a difference in time zones, I’m leaving my clocks unchanged. One advantage here is I’m 1 hour late for everything and nobody notices :-)
Dewole Ajao