You really should ask

To those seeking my(our) vote(s) and promising a better tomorrow:

  1. Am I (Are we) needed beyond the election day?
  2. What is the game plan for this country and how do I(we) fit in as an individual(s)?
  3. What do you need me(us) to do to help ensure you deliver on your promises?
  4. How do you intend to enable me(us) influence the policies that affect me(us) even from the lowest levels?
  5. Or would you rather I(we) just sit back and let “professional politicians” carry on in my(our) best interests?
  6. What will be done this time around that has not been done before? What are the lessons learnt?

Dear Aspirant, I assume you realize that there needs to be a nationwide ideological shift and entrenchment of real values for things to work well. There must be consequences and rewards for action/inaction whether negative or positive and regardless of socioeconomic/political status.

Tell me(us) now, how you plan to tackle this. Meanwhile, I am off to hustle for today’s bread.

You may submit your answers on your youtube channel, facebook page or as a comment right here. Please keep it simple, measurable, unambiguous and with timelines.

4 years ago, people voted based on sentiment and without caring to understand whom or what was on offer. Today, we see the results. A few are being handsomely paid while others are paying heavily. By taking some time to understand what each candidate has to offer, you can know when he/she is being plagued by enemies/cabals and you can help him/her out of the predicament. If he/she is just making excuses, you can hopefully help get the situation under control before further damage is done.

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